Build out that FiOS!

In a signed editorial on the influential blog, Fierce Telecom, managing editor Samantha Bookman urges Verizon to get back to building out its high-speed fiber service FiOS.

At about the time Verizon signed its cross marketing deals with cable providers, it announced that it would not be adding any new fiber – just marketing to consumers in the areas where the lines had been laid down. Even so, people have been signing up for FiOS where available – last year 607,000 Internet and 553,000 video subscribers. That makes 5.4 million total FiOS Internet, 4.7 million total FiOS video customers.

But millions of other people would like an alternative to cable or satellite, and Bookman provides Verizon with some good reasons it should resume its build-out.

  • It has the resources. In 2012 Verizon had revenues of $115 billion.
  • The country needs the innovation of IP, and, says Bookman, “In communities where there is no competition, we will not see improvements in service.”
  • As Speed Matters reported last week, many communities – particularly low-income ones – are asking for FiOS. Said Bookman, “... several municipalities along the eastern seaboard... either believed or were told they would eventually be getting the service, only to see the carrier halt its rollout short of their city limits.” But, if Verizon resumes build out, “... bringing FiOS into communities that are served by only one other provider will have the benefit – to consumers at least – of creating price competition where before there was none.”
  • Verizon ignores these communities at its peril. “If Verizon doesn't use its considerable heft to take the initiative and restart its FiOS rollout soon, there's a good chance it won't be able to get into the communities it's currently ignoring,” concluded Bookman.

Speed Matters supports the continued build-out of FiOS and carrier choice to every community.

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