Congressional Black Caucus makes recommendations to fight digital divide

The Congressional Black Caucus issued a strong endorsement for increased funding of broadband deployment, as part of a series of recommendations on major U.S. policy areas for the 21st Century.

Expanded broadband Internet access is a fundamental venture that will have impacts across all sectors, according to the CBC. The report says:

"The Expansion of broadband infrastructure focusing on un- served and under- served communities is needed...Digital empowerment can assist public, private, and business communities, expand exposure to educational, e-health, public safety, and fiscal tools."

Under the guidance of an impressive Executive Committee, which includes CWA's Alfonso Pollard, the CBC issued the following recommendations to fight the nation's digital divide:

  • Appoint a Chief Technology Officer to assess communications oportunities and challenges in the future;
  • Bridge the gap between the public and private sectors; and,
  • Make use of the $7.2 million in stimulus funding for the expansion of broadband infrastructure and access.

21st Century Report (Congressional Black Caucus)