CWA: Senate Bill Encourages Build Out of High Speed Fiber Networks

CWA: Bi-Partisan Senate Finance Bill Encourages Critical Build Out of High Speed Fiber Networks


The Communications Workers of America commends Chairman Wyden, Ranking Member Hatch and the Senate Finance Committee for moving forward on tax provisions that will encourage investment in domestic industries. That investment is vital to our economy and to the creation of good jobs.

The bill marked up today by the Committee includes a two-year commitment to these tax extenders. Especially important is the extension of accelerated bonus depreciation in terms of ensuring continued investment in the build out of high speed fiber broadband networks.

CWA is a strong supporter of the need for expanded deployment of high speed fiber networks, not only as a source of good jobs for U.S. workers but as the means for the U.S. to catch up to the rest of the world when it comes to accessibility and affordability of high speed Internet services.

In our global economy, access to high speed broadband is essential, for small business, jobs and communities. Too many rural communities and urban neighborhoods have been bypassed, continuing a digital divide in terms of access and opportunity. Increased investment in the deployment of high speed fiber networks is a top CWA priority, and we support the Committee in its efforts to move this bill forward.