T-Mobile Workers Vote Union in Connecticut

Support from elected representatives in Connecticut and New York have helped in T-Mobile workers getting a voice on the job. Earlier this week, 15 T-Mobile USA technicians in Connecticut voted for representation by CWA-TU.

The victory came after four members of Congress spoke out publicly in favor of the technicians and their right to collectively bargain. Rep. Tim Bishop, D-NY, invoked T-Mobile USA's union-busting tactics at a congressional hearing on the National Labor Relations Board's new rules preventing delays in union elections. And Reps. George Miller, D-CA, and Christopher Murphy and Senator Richard Blumenthal, both Connecticut Democrats, penned letters to Deutsche Telekom expressing their dismay at T-Mobile USA's actions.

"I have been alarmed at reports of T-Mobile USA actively seeking to prevent 15 technicians in my home state of Connecticut from voting on union representation by the Communications Workers of America Local 1298," Murphy wrote. "I am writing to express my hope that the upcoming union election on July 19 will be conducted in a fair and civil manner."

"CWA is proud to work with these T-Mobile techs, and with T-Mobile workers in New York who want to organize and bargain for a voice on the job," said CWA District I Vice President Chris Shelton. "They stood up for what's right."

Bo Larsen, World President of UNI Telecom, representing three million workers, observed the election to show the continuing support of the global labor movement for the rights of T-Mobile USA workers to have a union voice. "No worker should be intimidated for wanting a union voice and bargaining rights," Larsen said.

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