Will Verizon (and AT&T) bring us a la carte Internet TV?

Some video providers are finally recognizing that consumers don't want to pay for all those channels they never watch.

In response, Verizon is developing a new Internet-based TV service which offers the major networks, plus an assemblage of custom channels. In other words, at least partial a la carte. The new Verizon service – which will debut in mid-2015 – will be entirely separate from FiOS.

In a way, the move is entirely logical. People routinely pay for dozens – even hundreds – of channels. But as the LA Times said, “According to Nielsen, the typical American watches only about 17 channels on a regular basis.”

Verizon is, in some sense, following the lead of AT&T, which has already tested U-verse with “broadband, basic channels, Amazon.com Prime, and Time Warner's HBO for $39.99 per month.”

If this trend continues, it looks as though consumers may have a shot at truly affordable television.

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