South Carolina regulatory commission investigates freezing Frontier universal service subsidies

The South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff requested the Commission to freeze state Universal Service Fund disbursements to Frontier pending an audit. In October, some Frontier customers in Georgetown County SC experienced an extended outage caused by an antiquated remote terminal.

Frontier Communications faces service quality investigations by state regulators in Ohio, Minnesota, California, Connecticut, Nevada, New York, West Virginia, and South Carolina

CWA has been actively participating in many state regulatory proceedings by calling on Frontier to invest in its network and workforce to improve service quality. Frontier mismanaged its business after taking on massive debt to finance acquisitions of units from Verizon and AT&T. This led to a steady decline in subscribers, revenues, profits, and network investment. Frontier cannot cut its way out of its financial problems; rather it must invest in the network and workforce to win back customers and grow revenue and profits.


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