The winners can use the 3.45 GHz mid-band spectrum for fixed or mobile wireless services.
The FCC’s approval follows Verizon’s August 2021 commitment to adopt conditions recommended by CWA and public interest allies.
The workers, some of whom are members of the Alphabet Workers Union, participated in workplace actions to draw attention to the need for pay parity and put pressure on management by asking difficult questions during an impromptu company meeting.
Thanks to a novel effort in New Mexico, traditional Navajo dwellings called hogans will be plugged into the digital age with high speed internet access.
Verizon West Virginia announced that it will provide funding for a statewide map of current high speed internet deployment and that it is speeding up deployment of high speed internet service in rural West Virginia.
When it comes to entertainment, high speed internet is opening many new doors--but less than half the country can get through them.
Folks living in communities near Spokane, Washington are excited about harnessing the power of high speed internet for their businesses. Unfortunately, due to the lack of reliable high speed service, they're having a tough time taking advantage of these opportunities.
Need proof of our nation's deficient high speed internet infrastructure? Just look toward the Tulsa, Oklahoma region, where there are far too few DSL and cable hubs to serve local residents.
Whether it's watching educational videos online, partaking in distance learning, or doing research for school projects, students can use high speed internet to get the most out of their studies-- if it is available and affordable.
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick unveiled a plan this week that would invest $25 million into a program dedicated to bringing high speed internet access to underserved parts of the state.
Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has begun chipping away at the digital divide in his state. Strickland has issued an executive order establishing the Ohio Broadband Council. But Ohio will need to act more decisively in order to bring high speed Internet access to each of Ohio's 88 counties.