The former Nokia employees worked in now-closed Omaha Telecommunications facility; many could lose health insurance through no fault of their own.
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“Both the original transaction and proposed settlement agreement raise the threat of higher phone bills, less choice, fewer jobs, and worse wages for hardworking Americans,” said House Antitrust Subcommittee Chairman David N. Cicilline (D-RI).
“Charter has continually failed to meet its commitments to the state,” the NY PSC said in a statement the day before the vote.
The probe is examining whether independent TV station owners coordinated efforts between sales teams, leading to higher prices for TV commercials.
Agreement includes 11.2 percent wage increases and stronger retirement benefits.
AT&T promised to create jobs if Congress passed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. However, since this tax cut was passed, AT&T has cut more than 23,000 employees and sent thousands of union jobs to low-wage contractors and overseas.
Bills to protect call center jobs were also passed in Alabama, Nevada, and California.
Republican FCC Commissioners declare their support for the merger as DOJ staff recommend against the approval. The outcome is in the hands of the DOJ antitrust chief, state AGs, and the California PUC.
New conditions are “a tiny Band-Aid on what would be a fatal wound to wireless competition and affordability,” said Matt Wood of Free Press.