Union planned to picket Democratic presidential debate due to longstanding labor dispute.
Union makes significant investment in new organizing staff and resources aimed at helping technology and game workers across North America fight for better working conditions.
The New York State Call Center Jobs Act states that any call center company with 50 or more full-time or full-time equivalent workers that has taken loans, grants, or tax breaks from New York State will forfeit those benefits if they move 30% of their jobs overseas.
Cord-cutting, or cancelling traditional video service for over-the-top streaming services or no service at all, is a problem for cable companies across the industry.
Senate AB 1366 would have extended a harmful deregulation bill pushed through by telecommunications companies in 2012 that has tied the hands of state regulators ever since.
Vulture hedge funds like Elliott Management seek to boost a company’s share price by cutting costs, and then take profits before the long-term consequences set in.
The states’ probes could expand to include other tech giants such as Amazon and Apple.
The states’ probes could expand to include other tech giants such as Amazon and Apple.
“This massive ‘sunny day’ outage was completely unacceptable and impacted millions of customers across the country. Americans expect and deserve reliable phone and broadband service—especially the ability to call 911,” said FCC Chairman Pai.
“The abusive and predatory practices alleged in the new lawsuit are a disturbing indictment of T-Mobile’s management and reinforce CWA’s continued concerns about the impact of the proposed T-Mobile-Sprint merger, especially on workers and low-income consumers,” said Debbie Goldman, Research and Telecommunications Policy Director for CWA.