AT&T is in the midst of a significant fiber expansion and plans to triple availability by the end of 2016.
AT&T?s new discounted program is good for the millions of low-income households in their 21-state wireline footprint.

Google is in just four markets with well less than 100,000 customers and the incumbent telecom companies are outpacing Google?s buildout.

The experience of these DirecTV employees demonstrates what happens -- even in the Deep South -- when employers allow workers to make a free choice about union representation.

The legal battle between AT&T and the city of Louisville is gaining national attention, but important facts of the case are often lost in speculation over corporate giant's maneuvering. A hard look at those facts reveals an attempt by the city to unfairly undermine companie's property rights, hard-negotiated contracts, regulatory authority, and public safety.

"It gives me comfort to know someone is fighting to keep my job here in the United States. Congressman Green has always stood by working families and we need more champions like him in Washington!"
The company sees new opportunities to bundle broadband with video service now that AT&T has integrated DirecTV.
AT&T overtakes the Internet company with its many years of infrastructure-building experience.
AT&T announced plans to expand its gigabit Internet service to 38 more metro areas, while Google looks to bring its fiber service to Chicago and Los Angeles.
Data from wireless analyst Chetan Sharma shows that the U.S. wireless market is saturated with fully 81 percent of the population using a smartphone, revealing an important trend in the wireless sector: growth for wireless companies is going to come from new services, not from adding new subscribers.