CWA praised AT&T's announcement that it was expanding its U-verse broadband service nationwide, saying 'This is what fast means.'
The North Carolina Next Generation Network (NCNGN) is recommending that its members enter into master network development agreements with AT&T to provide its fiber-based U-verse with GigaPower.
A month after announcing their merger, Comcast and Time Warner languish in the public's esteem, or as a repeated headline puts it, ?Comcast Joins Time Warner Cable in Consumer Reports Doghouse.?
After introducing its fiber network, U-verse with GigaPower, to Austin, Texas, AT&T is beginning a similar service in Dallas this year.
AT&T filed a proposal with the Federal Communications Commission to conduct IP Transition trials at two Southern locations: rural Carbon Hill, Alabama, and suburban West Delray Beach, Florida.
Already providing broadband service in Austin, Texas at up to 300 Mbps, AT&T plans to increase speeds to up to 1 gigabit per second later this year.
Verizon had been providing a backup battery for FiOS subscribers, but starting soon, customers will have to shell out $30 for the same battery -- or get it elsewhere.
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson conceded to some limits in the federal spectrum auction, and members and witnesses at a Senate hearing saw a possible end to the impasse over limits.
The House bipartisan Federal Spectrum Incentive Act would create ?a new path for government spectrum users to relinquish spectrum and receive a portion of net auction revenues... ?