Broadband Task Force/Authority

TechNet's 2012 State Broadband Index rates the states for high-speed connectivity.
The Partnership for a Connected Illinois has found a significant divide between suburban and rural broadband use.
As Philadelphia presses Verizon to extend FiOS to low-income neighborhoods, New Jersey tells the company to fulfill its commitment to the whole state.
Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton names task force to promote ?border-to-border? broadband and cell phone access.
The FCC is scheduled to present its National Broadband Plan next month to Congress - and the stakes could not be higher. The Chairman of the Alliance for Digital Equality - a Speed Matters partner - Julius Hollis wrote last week about the need for a measured approach to ensure all Americans have access to fast and readily accessible broadband Internet.
U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke recently announced the latest round of economic stimulus awards totaling $357 million for expanded high-speed Internet access. Nine states received record funding for broadband expansion. Nine states - California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin - received funding from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.