A California charter school found that many low-income students couldn't pursue online courses because they had no home Internet access.
Silicon Valley high-tech firms illegally prevented job poaching, but a judge has denied workers' right to a class-action suit.
California and Illinois enacted legislation preventing employers from demanding social media passwords from workers.
California deregulated fast-growing voice over Internet protocol, because industry asked for it.
A report to the California Broadband Council revealed that mobile broadband claims are way off the mark.
CWA workers walk out over AT&T's contract foot-dragging.
A report from a national telecom cooperative says that federal help has been key to the growth of rural broadband.
AT&T and Verizon are waging a ferocious lobbying campaign at the state level to end universal service - and no one is paying attention.
Federal reinvestment funding to Broadband Technology and Opportunities Program (BTOP) has brought computer and Internet skills and access to thousands.
When it comes to black and Hispanic workers, Silicon Valley too often leaves them out of the club.