You might expect that in the heart of the Silicon Valley high speed internet would be a given, but that is not necessarily the case. Speed Matters blogger Roger Osburne recently heard from CWA member Yonah Diamond. The Good News is he got great speed of 15 mb. The Bad News is he was sitting in a conference room at an AT&T Data Center and not at home.
In cooperation with Connected Nation, a nonprofit group aimed at expanding high-speed Internet access and other community-based technology improvements, CWA has developed model legislation for state-level Internet policies.
California, arguably the technology capital of the world, has taken another step forward by eliminating fees for the installation of high speed fiber optic lines along state rights of way.
The Silicon Valley is calling for action on a national high speed Interent policy
California Broadband Task Force member Charles Giancarlo speaks out about the importance of a high speed internet policy.
A few days ago, the State of California took an important step forward for millions of Americans who lack access to the communication infrastructure of the 21st century