Consumer Protections and Good Jobs

Last week in Iowa, members of the CWA Speed Matters team got a chance to get up close and personal with John Edwards and Barak Obama.
Michael Kleeman, a Senior Fellow at USC's Annenberg School of Communications, says that we have seen our international internet competitiveness drop because we take broadband infrastructure for granted. In a recent San Francisco Chronicle piece, he argues that we need a national high speed internet policy that drives us toward universal access to broadband in order to regain our leadership position.
The Verizon-FairPoint deal would make it extremely unlikely that fiber optic networks, which are the future of telecommunications service, will be built in rural New England.
The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission fired back about the proposed Verizon-FairPoint merger with 11 recommendations to the make the deal "in the public good."
Need proof of our nation's deficient high speed internet infrastructure? Just look toward the Tulsa, Oklahoma region, where there are far too few DSL and cable hubs to serve local residents.
Verizon workers rallied in Boston yesterday. The impact of the propoosed sale of Verizon's landlines in New England on high speed Internet buildout in the region was among their concerns. Unions representing the workers are expanding their "Stop the Sale" effort by launching a nationwide campaign to get the Federal Communications Commission to rule against the sale.
Verizon's at it again, this time pushing a radical deregulation proposal before the Virginia Corporation Commission. Verizon wants the Commission to rule there's enough telecom competition in every region of the state to justify freeing the company of all regulation. This would allow Verizon to raise basic telephone rates as much as it wants after a three-year transition period.
We've created a tool that lets you record a voice message for your representatives about high speed internet access. Try it out, and make sure your voice is heard.
The Broadband Data Improvement Act (S. 1492) was marked up and reported out of committee on July 19 in the Senate.
At a recent rally in New York City, thousands of Verizon workers, labor leaders, and elected officials gathered to protest Verizon's deal with FairPoint Communications.