According to the Federal Register notice, the rules are designed ?to provide interconnecting entities adequate time to prepare their networks for the planned copper retirements and to ensure that consumers are able to make informed choices.?
Are state regulators beginning to hold Verizon responsible for its neglect? We hope so ? it?s about time.

Verizon?s statewide negligence results in broken poles, sagging cables, ungrounded conduit, and abandoned equipment. The PUC has received thousands of complaints of inadequate service.

Verizon manipulated its financial accounting to appear unprofitable to regulators, and then used that manipulation to achieve policy goals that benefit the company instead of consumers.

The MD PSC sent a letter to Verizon demanding the company respond to CWA's request for an investigation, which provided the state agency with photographs depicting the company?s sustained neglect.

T-Mobile is introducing a new video plan to allow ?unlimited? streaming of selected video service. But consumer advocates say the plan may violate the FCC's new net neutrality rules.
The Communications Workers of America (CWA) today filed a letter with the Maryland Public Service Commission calling on the PSC to re-open an investigation into Verizon's quality of service on its copper network, which is the primary network serving much of the state, including Baltimore.
Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stands with CWA members in New York City, calls on Verizon to build-out its FiOS services, and slams Verizon for its corporate greed.
Verizon?s systemic neglect of telephone infrastructure leads to broken poles, sagging cables, ungrounded conduit, and abandoned equipment that pose hazards to public safety.