Fire Island residents and their allies convinced Verizon to suspend plans to offer wireless-only to the beach community, and upgrade landlines instead.
Pew reports that 70 percent of Americans have home broadband and 10 percent have access by smartphone, but 20 percent of us are still offline.
When NY's Public Service Commission held a hearing on Verizon, Fire Island residents gave them an earful.
Connect America is working with carriers to bring broadband access to more than 600,000 rural homes.
Access to the Internet keeps increasing, but a persistent 20 percent of Americans are still not connected.
The FCC will not grant automatic approval to Verizon's request to drop landlines in areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
Researchers found that in five critical California areas, 911 emergency calls failed to contain embedded locations.
A coalition of community groups is asking that curbs be put on aggressive marketing of Lifeline phones.
FCC commissioners voted 3-2 to limit excessive charges for inmate telephone calls -- a decade after a petition was filed.
Verizon?s bid to end wireline communications in areas of NY and NJ will harm residents and businesses and should be denied, CWA said in an FCC filing.