Both the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the ACLU have initiated legal actions to halt the scope of NSA spying on citizens.
Groups from CWA to AARP, as well as hundreds of individuals, are protesting Verizon's plan to switch NY state residents to Voice Link wireless only.
High-tech companies market more to the disabled and seniors, and the FCC is demanding telephone accessibility for hearing aid users.
Wireless-only households are increasing, but more so among low-income and minority Americans.
As the Obama administration calls for more wireless spectrum, a new White House report details shortfalls in broadband access.
A California charter school found that many low-income students couldn't pursue online courses because they had no home Internet access.
It's the National Labor Relations Board that protects your right to free speech at work, including speech online.
Retired educator Estella Pyfrom sunk her life savings into a computer-outfitted bus that bridges the South Florida digital divide.
Acting FCC Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn became the first female to hold that office, and announced additional moneys for the Connect America Fund.
The NY Public Service Commission delayed Verizon's sweeping request to substitute wireless for landlines throughout the state.