The FCC is at last beginning to tackle the unconscionably high telephone rates imposed on the nation's prisoners.
FCC reveals no progress in minority media ownership, even as the commission prepares to relax rules. Minority groups, and CWA, object.
The costs of fraud, waste and abuse in the FCC-funded video relay service for the deaf are being passed on to the workers. CWA is fighting back.
AT&T's plan to replace rural copper lines with wireless is the most important telecom development since the Telecommunications Act of 1996.
The FCC may lift the ban on media cross-ownership, but CWA, Speed Matters and a major civil rights coalition oppose ending the ban.
A New Jersey bill that would have gutted consumer protections was withdrawn after opposition from CWA, community and senior groups.
The Federal Trade Commission may open an antitrust case against Google for manipulation of page rankings, and for blocking competitors.
Unless public interests and non-cable carriers unexpectedly win, the FCC's program access rules will expire in October.
The FCC has responded to Verizon's legal attempt to block net neutrality rules with a powerful defense of the open Internet.
Rushing to produce the iPhone5, Apple supplier Foxconn is using coerced students on the assembly lines.