In their party platforms, the Dems want open Internet and universal broadband. The GOP doesn't.
An FCC plan for restructuring funding of the Universal Service Fund has come under attack, but the plan is sound.
Google's much-publicized high-speed fiber project in Kansas City seems to be bypassing many low-income residents.
A new FCC annual report on broadband concludes that unless reforms are implemented, the digital divide is unlikely to close.
Verizon and the cable companies can dictate nearly every aspect of our communications, says professor Susan Crawford.
Pew Internet survey finds that mobile Internet service is still far from perfect, and that problems afflict racial minorities more.
At a CWA press conference congressmen urged the FCC and Doj to stop the Verizon/Big Cable deal, one calling it "just a cartel in disguise."
In a new TV ad, also on YouTube, CWA exposes the Verizon-Big Cable monopoly deal.
FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn told the National Urban League it's "imperative that we get everyone connected."
Both Maryland senators, plus some Baltimore officials, backed CWA in its protest against the Verizon/cable deal, which would leave Baltimore without FiOS.