Disparities in medical care for the poor can be eased by application of telemedicine, say two African American legislators.
The FCC's public-private digital training program is expanding to some 2800 locations.
A new report says that most rural Americans struggle along with slow broadband -- much slower.
The FCC may be favoring the Verizon/cable deal, but a report says the Justice Department is still suspicious that the deal locks out competition.
The Boston Globe recently touted the new super-fast FiOS, but it forgot to mention that many Bostonians can't get FiOS of any kind.
A new report from CWA shows that Verizon's FiOS build-out would add some 72,000 jobs, but that the cable deal promises to kill those jobs.
The huge Consumer Federation of America joins the growing ranks opposed to the Verizon/cable deal.
32 U.S. members urged the FCC and the Justice Department of widespread concern over the anti-competitive Verizon/cable deal.
Judge: suit to force Netflix to provide closed captioning must go forward. And we in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community are pleased.
Verizon is introducing a higher-speed, higher priced FiOS, but many low-income households have no access to FiOS at all.