Verizon Wireless is introducing a mandatory pricing plan that gives you more of what you don't need -- and less of what you do.
Hundreds of Verizon workers showed up FCC HQ to protest the job-threatening deal with big cable.
On Huffington Post, CWA President Larry Cohen explains who really pays for proposed Verizon/cable deal: consumers and workers.
Mobile technology has greatly benefited the disabled, but to improve it needs more spectrum.
CWA to FCC: The proposed deal between Verizon Wireless and Big Cable would disproportionally negatively impact people of color and lower income families.
Getting Seniors Online says low-income seniors have the lowest Internet adoptions rates, and while public programs help, they're inadequately funded.
Opposition to the Verizon/cable deal keeps mounting, as three official letters in the past three days have raised serious objections.
Nine New York big-city mayors told the FCC that the pending Verizon/cable deal would have a negative effect on their communities.
The Consumer Federation of America warned the FCC that Comcast's behavior taints the Verizon/cable deal.
Congressman Mike Doyle asked Verizon if it's abandoning its DSL and FiOS customers now that it's teaming up with cable companies.