A coalition of civil rights, media justice, and labor groups applaud the FCC for further action on unfair prison phone rates.
A new federal report shows growth in mobile Internet, but at the same time "... found that 28 percent of households still do not use broadband at home."
Cablevision alternately threatened and bribed New York workers to vote against joining CWA. As a result, the New York City Council is asking the city to ?proceed with extreme caution? before awarding any contract to Cablevision.
Recently FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn asked, ?What is the impact on a consumer whose mobile broadband may be her only access to broadband?
FCC Chair Wheeler and Commissioner Clyburn issued a joint statement calling for further reform of inmate calling costs and practices.
A Stanford professor and AT&T have proposed ?letting Internet users individually control which Web sites were delivered at a faster or slower speed by their ISP," which wouldn't violate net neutrality.
According to the Minority Media and Telecom Council, the abysmal racial employment percentages in today's high-tech industry ?closely resemble the statistics of the broadcasting industry in the late 1960?s.?
"Instead of finding ways to deny telephone access to the neediest Americans, lawmakers should be looking to expand Lifeline to include broadband internet."
Recently, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn wrote in the FCC blog, "?Since 1985, Lifeline has offered a discount on phone service to low-income consumer."
The Syracuse Common Council passed a resolution August 26, calling on ?... Verizon Communications... to build its all-fiber FiOS network throughout the city.?