Rick Boucher of the Internet Innovation Alliance wrote, ?Regulators should seek a more strategic relationship with service providers that focuses on the core consumer values yet remains responsive to consumer behavior.
CenturyLink told the FCC that the merger between Comcast and Time Warner "... presents a grave threat to the development of facilities-based video competition throughout the country.?
A new report from Working Partnerships USA shows that Silicon Valley's wealthy tech industry depends on low-paid Black and Hispanic workers for its essential menial work.
The Leichtman Research Group's new broadband report confirms what most of us know: we want fast Internet.
Telecom Windstream is using a recent and little-known IRS ruling to shelter its infrastructure in a real estate investment trust, avoiding hundreds of millions in taxes.
Apple's new diversity report reveals that the company's tech employees are: 70 percent male and 77 percent white and Asian. Among leadership, it?s three percent black, six percent Hispanic and 85 percent white and Asian.
The new Digital Inclusion Survey is a ?national survey of public libraries that explored the digital inclusion roles of public libraries.?
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler wrote to the CEO of Verizon, saying network management "is not a loophole designed to enhance your revenue streams."
Due to a lengthy and complicated sign-up procedure, only 11 percent of eligible California residents have signed up for Comcast's low-income service, says a state advocacy group.
In comments submitted to the FCC today, CWA and the NAACP said that the commission?s open Internet rule must be ?consistent with the need to promote job-creating investment and closing the digital divide.?