Enabling People With Disabilities

This week, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler used his blog to call attention to the vast world of video relay sign language interpreters.
FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is supporting an upgrade and expansion of the Lifeline program which, she said, "was established in the mid '80s, has been stuck in the mid '80s.?
The Syracuse Common Council passed a resolution August 26, calling on ?... Verizon Communications... to build its all-fiber FiOS network throughout the city.?
All five FCC commissioners voted today to require closed captioning in all online video that was previously captioned on television.
This month, the FCC will vote to expand closed captioning for all online video which was previously captioned on TV -- regardless of length.
"A county without any internet capacity in modern America is a lost county for the future,? said Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), guest speaker at the 2013 West Virginia Broadband Summit in Morgantown.
Access to the Internet keeps increasing, but a persistent 20 percent of Americans are still not connected.
High-tech companies market more to the disabled and seniors, and the FCC is demanding telephone accessibility for hearing aid users.
David Honig, Co-founder and President of the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, tells the truth about the federal Lifeline program.
The federal Lifeline wireless subsidy program has a lot of support across the board, and some angry Republican detractors in Congress.