High-speed broadband isn?t being deployed in a ?reasonable and timely fashion,? according to Chairman Wheeler?s draft of the 2016 Broadband Progress Report.
The FCC?s fifth ?Measuring Broadband America? report is out, and it confirms what we already know: when given a choice, consumers want fast Internet service.
New York city officials -- and Wall Street investors -- are raising serious questions about the proposed purchase of New York-based Cablevision by Amsterdam-based Altice.
According to a new Pew study, home broadband subscriptions declined for the first time ever in 2015, down from 70% in 2013 to 67% this year, mainly due to monthly costs.
Net neutrality advocate Marvin Ammori believes T-Mobile?s Binge On plan reduces the quality of users? service and therefore violates net neutrality.
The move for injunction is rare for the NLRB as the agency seeks injunctions in less than 1% of its cases, demonstrating the severity of the violations under consideration.
The elected leaders urged the FCC ensure the Lifeline program meets its goal of connecting low-income households with modern communications services. In modernizing the program to include broadband the FCC must reject co-payment schemes and program caps that would depress participation, and it must embrace customer choice by supporting fixed voice services and wireless voice services along with broadband services.
The CA PUC approved Frontier Communication?s acquisition of Verizon?s wireline assets in the state, completing a transfer of assets that spanned three states: Florida, Texas, and California.
The FCC defended its net neutrality rules against telecommunications, cable, and wireless trade groups on December 5. The central issue of the case is whether the FCC has the authority to classify the Internet as a Title II telecommunications service.