The Wall Street Journal reports that the FCC will deny DISH Network?s claim to $3.3 billion in small business credits.
The proposals outline the Technology Transition Order, which aims to ensure that phone and Internet companies upgrade their networks in a responsible way.
As part of the proposed AT&T-DirecTV deal, the company says it will bring its fiber network to 11.7 million households within four years.
Twenty-nine consumer organizations signed a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler urging the agency to establish clear rules to protect customers as communications companies phase out their traditional copper wire service.
In meetings with the FCC, CWA urged the agency to move forward quickly to update its rules to protect consumers during this period of transition from copper to fiber networks -- and to prevent a repeat of Verizon's controversy following Hurricane Sandy.
The union praised the outcome of an FCC vote, which moves forward the rule-changing process to expand the Lifeline program to include broadband.
The FCC is closing loopholes and strengthening consumer protections against unwanted calls and texts.
Well, that was fast. Less than a week after the FCC's Open Internet rules took effect, a San Diego-based company said it would file a complaint against the cable company for charging unreasonable rates.
The FCC's Open Internet rules are the law, pending the Court decision.
A letter from the Leadership Conference, CWA, and other organizations to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler offers five principles to ensure the updated Lifeline program meets the needs of communities in the 21st century.