Five years ago, Blair Levin oversaw the development of the National Broadband Plan; now, he's beginning a look back with Celebrating a Fifth O?Planniversary, on the Benton Foundation?s website.
FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is supporting an upgrade and expansion of the Lifeline program which, she said, "was established in the mid '80s, has been stuck in the mid '80s.?
?Most consumers and policymakers view mobile broadband connections as being complementary, rather than a replacement for, wireline broadband connections,? wrote NTCA.
This week the FCC released the full 400 page Report And Order detailing the new Open Internet rules.
CWA and the NAACP are challenging DISH Network?s manipulation of the FCC?s ?small and minority-owned business rules? that enabled DISH to grab $3.25 billion from the FCC spectrum auction.
In 2014, 3 million new broadband users signed up: 2.7 million with cable firms and the rest with AT&T and Verizon.
Mark Cooper of the Consumer Federation of America urged the FCC to give online video providers the same programming access as MVPDs.
Through a complex financial tactic, the $34 billion Dish Network claimed a 25 percent ?small business? discount in the federal spectrum auction, saving DISH $3 billion.
After many months of heated, contentious debate, the FCC adopted new Open Internet rules on a 3-2 vote, but the debate over net neutrality is not over.
Last week, in his review of the proposed Comcast/Time Warner merger, California Public Utilities Commission Judge Karl Bemesderfer recommended strong conditions to protect consumers.