Verizon?s second quarter revenue will fall by $343 million, according to Wells Fargo estimates. The bank?s estimate comes after Verizon reported new FiOS installations plummeted during the workers? strike.
Verizon promised to build FiOS to every residence in Philadelphia by February 2016, but the company won?t tell the city how many homes and apartments still can?t get FiOS service. The city has reached out directly to residents with the plea: tell us if you can?t get FiOS.
The Verizon workers? strike is delaying Verizon?s acquisition of XO Communications? fiber network, a $1.8 billion dollar deal announced in February. This is the most recent harm Verizon?s leadership has caused the company by refusing to negotiate and settle a fair contract.
AT&T is in the midst of a significant fiber expansion and plans to triple availability by the end of 2016.
FCC complaint exposes Verizon?s efforts to deceive customers and cut off service in violation of FCC?s rules.

Google is in just four markets with well less than 100,000 customers and the incumbent telecom companies are outpacing Google?s buildout.

The legal battle between AT&T and the city of Louisville is gaining national attention, but important facts of the case are often lost in speculation over corporate giant's maneuvering. A hard look at those facts reveals an attempt by the city to unfairly undermine companie's property rights, hard-negotiated contracts, regulatory authority, and public safety.

The number of pay-TV subscribers belies the degree of fanfare Google Fiber generates.

Verizon manipulated its financial accounting to appear unprofitable to regulators, and then used that manipulation to achieve policy goals that benefit the company instead of consumers.