High Speed

Most low- and moderate-income families have some form of Internet connection, but many are under-connected, with mobile-only access and inconsistent connectivity.
Nearly 40 public interest groups sent a letter to the moderators of the four upcoming presidential debates urging them to ask candidates about access to high-speed Internet.
?The FCC has a responsibility to help low-income households overcome the economic barriers to modern telecommunications services to promote the full social and economic participation of all Americans,? President Shelton wrote in the letter.
Links allow users to make domestic calls, connect to gigabit wireless Internet service, view city maps, and contact emergency services.
The report found that there continues to be a significant urban-rural digital divide. While only four percent of urban Americans lack access to broadband with 25/3 Mbps speeds, 39 percent of Americans living in rural areas lack broadband access. In rural Tribal Lands, the statistic is even worse: 68 percent of residents lack access.
The company sees new opportunities to bundle broadband with video service now that AT&T has integrated DirecTV.
Updating Lifeline to include high-speed Internet is an important step toward fulfilling the FCC's century-old commitment to universal communications access.
Verizon refuses to offer FiOS in Co-Op City and many other New York City neighborhoods.
Public libraries are increasing their role in community broadband adoption, according to a recent National Digital Alliance Inclusion report.