High Speed

The new Digital Inclusion Survey is a ?national survey of public libraries that explored the digital inclusion roles of public libraries.?
"LTE certainly can compete with broadband... [but] we don't see LTE being as efficient as fiber coming into the home," said Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead.
Having begun offering 1 Gbps in Omaha, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, CenturyLink has announced it?s expanding the service to locations in 13 more cities.
AT&T announced that it would be adding both the San Antonio and Nashville areas to its growing 1 Gbps fiber to the home network.
AT&T is continuing to build out its U-verse GigaPower -- 1 Gbps capable fiber -- in and around Dallas.
Beginning July 21, Verizon FiOS subscribers' upload speeds will be increased to match download.
The FCC recently told Internet Service Providers that they ?? must disclose accurate information about their service offerings and make this information accessible to the public.?
Three Democratic FCC commissioners voted to modernize the E-rate program, adding an additional $2 billion to schools and libraries for improved Wi-Fi services.
The FCC voted 5-0 today to appropriate up to $100 million to expand rural broadband through its Connect America Fund.
Chapel Hill, is the latest North Carolina city to sign on to AT&T's fiber-based U-verse with GigaPower, joining Raleigh, Cary, Winston-Salem, and Durham.