High Speed

This past week, FCC Chairman Wheeler released a draft order outlining steps needed to bring the E-Rate program into the 21st century.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler recently said, "I?m concerned that some providers are failing to deliver consistent speeds to consumers that are commensurate to their advertised speeds.?
AT&T and the North Carolina Next Generation Network are extending fiber to six cities throughout the state. This week, AT&T ratified an agreement to bring U-verse with GigaPower to parts of Winston-Salem.
"I believe," wrote FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, "we should put those resources to work now to meet our educators? overwhelming pent-up demand for upgrading Wi-Fi at our schools and libraries."
The FCC is soliciting comments on whether to raise the definition of broadband from 4Mbps downstream/1 up to 10 Mbps down/1 up, or even higher.
Mississippi-based C Spire began installing fiber optic cable in a Jackson suburb, aiming to offer 1 Gbps service to subscribers in certain neighborhoods in nine cities throughout the state.
FCC Chairman Wheeler told the House Commerce Committee, ?Last week, the Commission adopted that Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, beginning the process of crafting rules to protect and promote the open Internet..." In return, Wheeler got criticism from both sides.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler kicked off the E-Rate Modernization Workshop saying that bringing broadband to schools and libraries could be ?the single most important issue this agency deals with."
CenturyLink has offered to wire 15 apartment buildings in Portland, Oregon with gigabit fiber.
The FCC moved to use its Connect America Fund to expand broadband to 5 million Americans in rural areas.