High Speed

The NY PSC approves the deal -- as long as Charter agrees to service and investment conditions.
Speed matters, and consumers should know their options.
High-speed broadband isn?t being deployed in a ?reasonable and timely fashion,? according to Chairman Wheeler?s draft of the 2016 Broadband Progress Report.
The FCC?s fifth ?Measuring Broadband America? report is out, and it confirms what we already know: when given a choice, consumers want fast Internet service.
This year was a big one for telecommunications news. Here?s our list of the top stories -- events that we believe will have lasting impact in promoting our goals of affordable, high-speed broadband for all Americans and good jobs for workers in the telecom industry.
Lexington will be the first of five locations to get the service in the first half of 2016.
AT&T overtakes the Internet company with its many years of infrastructure-building experience.
In its 3Q 2015 State of the Internet Report, Akamai Technologies finds that the average broadband speed across the United States is 12.6 Mbps, up more than 9 percent since the same time last year.
AT&T announced plans to expand its gigabit Internet service to 38 more metro areas, while Google looks to bring its fiber service to Chicago and Los Angeles.
Last year, nine percent of households switched broadband providers; Parks Associates' research found that 35 percent of those households switched to get faster service while only 18 percent switched to get comparable speeds at a lower price.