High Speed

FCC Commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcel indicate support to extend Lifeline universal service to broadband.
New York's de Blasio administration won approval to replace its system of public pay phones with a network of high-speed Wi-Fi kiosks, called Links.
The FCC approved further modernization of its E-rate program, and raised the Connect America Fund?s benchmark speed to 10/4 mbps, moves immediately praised by CWA and other organizations.
CWA today congratulated the FCC on its move to raise the annual cap on E-rate funding by $1.5 billion.
FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel wrote that the E-Rate program, "... is the nation's largest education technology program. It helps schools and libraries in every state, by supporting access to modern communications and the Internet.?
CenturyLink, the nation?s third-largest telecommunications company, reiterated its intention to connect businesses with its growing gigabit-scale network.
In his blog on November 20, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler addressed expanding high-speed broadband into rural areas through both the E-rate program and the Connect America Fund.
Google recently applied for a franchise to bring 1 Gbps fiber to the Nashville metro area ? with plans to begin work as soon as possible.
The dominant broadband providers account for 86.6 million subscribers ? the top cable companies with over 51.2 million, and the top telephone companies with over 35 million.
?The Communications Workers of America supports FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal to raise the cap on E-Rate funding."