AT&T and Comcast are launching gigabit services in cities across the country.
Last week, AT&T announced that it was expanding its all-fiber network to two major metropolitan areas: Atlanta and Chicago.
"From New York to Illinois, Comcast... has maintained a powerful, experienced army of local lobbyists and trade groups," Politico said recently.
California and Illinois enacted legislation preventing employers from demanding social media passwords from workers.
The Partnership for a Connected Illinois has found a significant divide between suburban and rural broadband use.
CWA District 4 and T/T Sector Reach Tentative Contracts with AT&T Midwest and Legacy
Getting Seniors Online says low-income seniors have the lowest Internet adoptions rates, and while public programs help, they're inadequately funded.
A Chicago Tribune editorial on September 12 asked the Department of Justice why it had blocked the AT&T/T-Mobile merger when there's no obvious alternative. Instead, The Tribune wrote, "In its zeal to protect consumers from price increases that may or may not have occurred in the deal's aftermath, government lawyers managed to sandbag not one but two major companies."
An analysis in Broadband Expanded, a project of New York Law School, urges policy-makers to make broadband and its devices and services accessible to people with disabilities ? especially those who can't use standard devices.
On Wednesday, December 15, the Communications Workers of America and the Speed Matters campaign released the 2010 Report on Internet Speeds in all 50 States.