Access to the Internet keeps increasing, but a persistent 20 percent of Americans are still not connected.
Verizon is switching customers from copper wireline to high-speed fiber -- where it's profitable.
Ford Foundation President Luis A. Ubi?as's op-ed in The New York Times highlighted the digital divide in our schools.
As the Obama administration calls for more wireless spectrum, a new White House report details shortfalls in broadband access.
A California charter school found that many low-income students couldn't pursue online courses because they had no home Internet access.
Retired educator Estella Pyfrom sunk her life savings into a computer-outfitted bus that bridges the South Florida digital divide.
New York City's public advocate scolded Verizon for failing to deliver FiOS to the city's low-income neighborhoods.
The authors denounce the "many misleading characterizations of the Lifeline program that are poisoning meaningful discourse."
The NLRB found that Cablevision in Bronx, New York illegally interfered in a 2012 CWA union election.
Community and political pressure forced Cablevision to rehire 22 fired workers, but many are not so fortunate.