Opposition to the Verizon/cable deal keeps mounting, as three official letters in the past three days have raised serious objections.
Nine New York big-city mayors told the FCC that the pending Verizon/cable deal would have a negative effect on their communities.
Congressman Mike Doyle asked Verizon if it's abandoning its DSL and FiOS customers now that it's teaming up with cable companies.
Despite the continuing growth of broadband, racial, educational age and income divides still persist, according to Pew Internet.
As Philadelphia presses Verizon to extend FiOS to low-income neighborhoods, New Jersey tells the company to fulfill its commitment to the whole state.
Four states have already given AT&T and Verizon an end to required landline service, and more are coming, says journalist in this video.
AT&T and Verizon are waging a ferocious lobbying campaign at the state level to end universal service - and no one is paying attention.