International Competition

A new UN report shows the U.S. ranks 19th worldwide in percentage of individuals using the Internet.
In 2014, the number of cellphones in the world will be greater than the number of people, and the U.S. will continue to lead in global mobile traffic.
According to Cisco's latest Visual Networking Index, world mobile users doubled their data consumption last year, with consumers in Japan, the U.S. and South Korea using more than 1 GB per month.
The Fair Labor Association (FLA) today published its final report on three Foxconn facilities that supply parts and finished Apple products. The news is mixed.
According to CNBC, Apple and Sony supplier Foxconn recently forced thousands of students from the Xi?an Institute of Technology to work overtime and nights under threat of expulsion from school.
The United Nations? International Telecommunications Union issued a new report on broadband worldwide. Unfortunately, it determines that the U.S. ranks 24th in percentage of residents who use the Internet.
While U.S. cable companies are fighting consumer choice in TV channels, their Canadian counterparts have been offering a la carte pricing. In other words, Canadians don't have to buy channels they never watch.
European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes warned U.S. cloud hosting companies that NSA spying might weaken their appeal.
All three FCC commissioners voted to approve the SoftBank merger with Sprint, including the acquisition of Clearwire.
A Senate committee found Apple was avoiding billions in taxes by shifting profits offshore, but Apple is more the rule than the exception.