Justice Department

The NY PSC approves the deal -- as long as Charter agrees to service and investment conditions.
The agency?s antitrust unit is looking into Comcast?s influence in setting local TV ad prices, both in the TV ad markets of its 22.3 million customers and in the markets of NCC Media, a national ad clearinghouse in which Comcast owns a majority interest.
Amsterdam-based Altice will pay $34.90 per share ? an equity value of $9.6 billion and roughly $17.7 billion including the company?s debt ? for Cablevision, and, if approved, the acquisition would create the fourth largest cable operator in the United States.
Regulators at the FCC and DoJ are nearing the end of their review process. The AT&T-DirecTV deal is expected to pass.
Comcast retracted its $45.2 billion bid after the deal faced opposition from the Federal Communications Commission and U.S. Department of Justice. There will be no Comcast-Time Warner merger.
More than a year after Comcast announced its plan to buy Time Warner, the result of the $42.5 billion deal remains uncertain as concerns grow.
Last week, in his review of the proposed Comcast/Time Warner merger, California Public Utilities Commission Judge Karl Bemesderfer recommended strong conditions to protect consumers.
According to the Minority Media and Telecom Council, the abysmal racial employment percentages in today's high-tech industry ?closely resemble the statistics of the broadcasting industry in the late 1960?s.?
Opposition to the Sprint/T-Mobile deal is coming from both consumer and financial analysts -- as well as community and labor groups.

From the headlines this week, you might think that the Sprint/T-Mobile merger is just a formality or two away. Not so, say many analysts.