Public libraries are increasing their role in community broadband adoption, according to a recent National Digital Alliance Inclusion report.

A new study from Bernstein Research estimates Google Fiber's total paid subscriptions between 100,000 and 120,000.

As Andrew Schwartzman, long-time public interest media advocate, points out in his daily blog post, Google?s Kansas City project only benefited some.
Novice teachers in remote parts of Kansas are using an online network to access mentors.
Google's Kansas City fiber network could reach every American home, for more than three time the company's vast cash reserves.
With its debut in Kansas City, Google has shown it's serious about entering the TV market, but will the search giant upend the local TV broadcasting industry?
The impending multi-billion dollar deal between Sprint and Japanese bank SoftBank looks good for U.S. investors, but raises questions for Sprint workers.
Google's much-publicized high-speed fiber project in Kansas City seems to be bypassing many low-income residents.
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