The FCC and the CA PUC approved Charter?s $55 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable-Bright House with conditions, clearing the way for a "powerhouse? in the cable and broadband industry.
The NY PSC approves the deal -- as long as Charter agrees to service and investment conditions.
New York city officials -- and Wall Street investors -- are raising serious questions about the proposed purchase of New York-based Cablevision by Amsterdam-based Altice.
700,000 member union says deal will lead to outsourcing, too much debt, cites Moody?s concerns about debt.
Amsterdam-based Altice will pay $34.90 per share ? an equity value of $9.6 billion and roughly $17.7 billion including the company?s debt ? for Cablevision, and, if approved, the acquisition would create the fourth largest cable operator in the United States.
The company is taking an integrated approach to changes in the video marketplace. In a recent statement to its investors, AT&T outlined its plans and expectations for broadband expansion over the next three years.
AT&T completed its $49 billion acquisition of DirecTV. As part of the merger, AT&T committed to increase its all-fiber deployment of 12.5 million customer locations, to offer gigabit service to any E-rate eligible school within the company?s deployment, and to make available a low-priced broadband service for low-income consumers in its wireline footprint.
As part of the proposed AT&T-DirecTV deal, the company says it will bring its fiber network to 11.7 million households within four years.
Verizon's $4.4 billion takeover of AOL is complete. The deal is yet another sign that wireless video streaming is the wave of the future, and that Verizon wants to be at the forefront in this sector.
Regulators are nearing the end of their review of the AT&T/DirecTV deal, which is expected to be approved.