AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson conceded to some limits in the federal spectrum auction, and members and witnesses at a Senate hearing saw a possible end to the impasse over limits.
The House bipartisan Federal Spectrum Incentive Act would create ?a new path for government spectrum users to relinquish spectrum and receive a portion of net auction revenues... ?
?In December 2012," according to the FCC, there were "443 million retail local telephone service connections in total.?
In his first major speech, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler said, ?The public has the right to be represented as we go through the transition that is the fourth network revolution.?
Most American airline passengers want to connect to the Internet in flight, but they don't want to listen to other people's cell phone conversations.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler just said these dread words: ?... advances in technology likely no longer warrant ? on a technological basis ? the prohibition of in-flight phone use with the appropriate on-board equipment.?
In a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, Senator Charles Schumer urges that the upcoming spectrum auction not limit participation of wireless carriers.
Coming soon: ?A multi-faceted revolution that advances as the packets of Internet Protocol (IP)-based communication replace the digital stream of bits and analog frequency waves.?
The FCC Speed Test app is a free ?an open-source, crowdsourcing program to assess mobile broadband performance nationwide.?
A new study looked at the upcoming federal spectrum auction, and found the bidding restrictions on AT&T and Verizon being pushed by T-Mobile and Sprint could cost the public $6 billion in revenue.