New Jersey

According to the Federal Register notice, the rules are designed ?to provide interconnecting entities adequate time to prepare their networks for the planned copper retirements and to ensure that consumers are able to make informed choices.?
Are state regulators beginning to hold Verizon responsible for its neglect? We hope so ? it?s about time.
Sixteen municipalities across four counties in New Jersey have filed a complaint with the NJ BPU against Verizon, asking regulators to collect data on the company?s phone and Internet services and to protect customers by preventing Verizon from further neglecting its copper network.
Senator Booker and FCC Chairman Wheeler exchanged letters over an important issue concerning the technology transition from copper to fiber networks: back-up batteries.
In some cities, Verizon ignores legislative and contractual buildout requirements; in others, refuses to build FiOS at all, while letting traditional landline network deteriorate everywhere
Verizon is reneging on its commitment to bring its all-fiber FiOS network to New Jersey?s poorest cities, according to the mayors of Newark and Jersey City.
In public hearings convened by the New York Public Service Commission across the state, elected officials and community leaders sent a clear message: Verizon is leaving our communities behind.
The Rate Counsel filed a petition seeking an investigation into a threatening letter Verizon sent its customers and an appeal of another agency's decision to end state regulation of Verizon?s pricing and service.
Cablevision is launching Freewheel, a new metropolitan New York-based Wi-Fi mobile phone service that operates on available Wi-Fi links -- not through a cellular network.
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) unanimously decided that Verizon no longer has to live up to its commitment to build out high-speed Internet to all state residents.