New Jersey

New Jersey Verizon subscribers have paid $15 billion in surcharges to finance broadband for the whole state for FiOS by 2010. But only 55 percent of the state is wired, and Verizon is refusing to finish the job.
CWA District 1 filed a written objection to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities challenging the renewal of Verizon's statewide franchise.
"We have witnessed customers chasing down Verizon service trucks requesting service only to be disappointed that their homes were on a street excluded from the FiOS buildout.??
The FCC proposed that in the wake of natural and man-made widespread disasters, wireless carriers must publicly disclose the percentage of cell sites which remain operational.
The FCC will not grant automatic approval to Verizon's request to drop landlines in areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
Verizon?s bid to end wireline communications in areas of NY and NJ will harm residents and businesses and should be denied, CWA said in an FCC filing.
The FCC estimated that Sandy downed 25 percent of telecommunications, but carriers aren't required to provide figures.
Superstorm Sandy knocked out landline, cable or wireless to as many as 8 million subscribers.
A New Jersey bill that would have gutted consumer protections was withdrawn after opposition from CWA, community and senior groups.
Hundreds of Verizon workers showed up FCC HQ to protest the job-threatening deal with big cable.