New York

High speed internet can help people get medical treatment and job training, but it can also help people enjoy themselves. For example, take horse racing. As interest cranks up heading into the last round of the Triple Crown, people are finding new ways to use high speed internet to get more out of this centuries-old sport.
The New York State Legislature is considering a bill--the New York Telecommunications Reform Act of 2007--that would go a long way toward providing universal high speed internet access in the state.
High speed internet is still a burgeoning concept to some residents in upstate New York. As is the case in numerous rural counties across the country, access to fast internet services is not guaranteed, forcing residents to get creative with their connections.
In cooperation with Connected Nation, a nonprofit group aimed at expanding high-speed Internet access and other community-based technology improvements, CWA has developed model legislation for state-level Internet policies.
CWA President Larry Cohen thanks CWA local 1103 members for leading the way by volunteering for the Speed Matters Action Committee.
High-speed internet access is particularly important for low-income families who benefit from the increased communications opportunities.
A recent study shows that New York appears to have one of the highest rates of broadband access in the country; however this new data highlights the need for improved mapping.
This past September, at the tail end of the legislative session, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) introduced a landmark bill to expand our high speed internet infrastructure: Rural Broadband Initiative Act of 2006.