New York

In a huge win for Verizon Wireless workers, retail store workers at six Verizon Wireless stores in Brooklyn, N.Y., voted for a union voice and representation by CWA Local 1109.
With a June deadline looming, Verizon is far from wiring New York City for fiber, and now the company is blaming city landlords for blocking installations.
"From New York to Illinois, Comcast... has maintained a powerful, experienced army of local lobbyists and trade groups," Politico said recently.
A multistate taskforce, plus several individual states, are joining the DOJ and the FCC in reviewing Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner.
According to NY AG Eric Schneiderman, for the past seven years, Sprint had knowingly underpaid $130 million of its state taxes. If convicted, though, Sprint would owe $300 million under the False Claims Act.
As New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio had often complained that Verizon?s FiOS broadband service was underbuilt and overpriced. Now he's mayor and he's still saying it.
Local officials, members of CWA Local 1108 and 500 residents filled a town meeting in Brookhaven, Long Island to tell Verizon to build out FiOS.
In two linked actions in the New York area, Verizon seems determined to give customers worse, not better service ? and consumers aren?t happy.
Fifty-nine members of the New York State Assembly sent a letter to the state?s Public Service Commission (PSC), urging that the PSC "... order Verizon to immediately cease attempts to pressure customers to adopt its Voice Link service.?
New York City has created a Wired Certification system called WiredNYC that officials referred to it as a kind of ?LEED for Broadband? certification.