New York

The FCC proposed that in the wake of natural and man-made widespread disasters, wireless carriers must publicly disclose the percentage of cell sites which remain operational.
Cablevision technician Clarence Adams told a House subcommittee, ?I never thought that a big corporation could violate my rights and the government would let them get away with it.?
Retail store employees at the Lexington Ave Metro PCS store in Harlem, New York City voted for a union voice and representation by the Communications Workers of America.
Fire Island residents and their allies convinced Verizon to suspend plans to offer wireless-only to the beach community, and upgrade landlines instead.
When NY's Public Service Commission held a hearing on Verizon, Fire Island residents gave them an earful.
Fire Island, NY residents told Verizon that the company's plan to ditch landlines leaves them with a ?lack of reliable, affordable broadband service."
The FCC will not grant automatic approval to Verizon's request to drop landlines in areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
Verizon?s bid to end wireline communications in areas of NY and NJ will harm residents and businesses and should be denied, CWA said in an FCC filing.
Groups from CWA to AARP, as well as hundreds of individuals, are protesting Verizon's plan to switch NY state residents to Voice Link wireless only.
The U.S. Supreme Court refused to grant Cablevision?s request for a stay of the National Labor Relations Board hearing.