New York

The NY Public Service Commission delayed Verizon's sweeping request to substitute wireless for landlines throughout the state.
New York City's public advocate scolded Verizon for failing to deliver FiOS to the city's low-income neighborhoods.
The NLRB found that Cablevision in Bronx, New York illegally interfered in a 2012 CWA union election.
Community and political pressure forced Cablevision to rehire 22 fired workers, but many are not so fortunate.
The FCC estimated that Sandy downed 25 percent of telecommunications, but carriers aren't required to provide figures.
Superstorm Sandy knocked out landline, cable or wireless to as many as 8 million subscribers.
Hundreds of Verizon workers showed up FCC HQ to protest the job-threatening deal with big cable.
CWA to FCC: The proposed deal between Verizon Wireless and Big Cable would disproportionally negatively impact people of color and lower income families.
Getting Seniors Online says low-income seniors have the lowest Internet adoptions rates, and while public programs help, they're inadequately funded.
Nine New York big-city mayors told the FCC that the pending Verizon/cable deal would have a negative effect on their communities.