Public Safety

When NY's Public Service Commission held a hearing on Verizon, Fire Island residents gave them an earful.
Cell phone tower work is low-paid, dangerous and non-union. The death and injury toll continues to climb.
The FCC will not grant automatic approval to Verizon's request to drop landlines in areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
Researchers found that in five critical California areas, 911 emergency calls failed to contain embedded locations.
Both the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the ACLU have initiated legal actions to halt the scope of NSA spying on citizens.
Edward Snowden's NSA revelations also highlight the uncertain whistleblower protection for hundreds of thousands of contract workers.
The NY Public Service Commission delayed Verizon's sweeping request to substitute wireless for landlines throughout the state.
Wireless carriers still don't have the capacity to deal with major disasters.
Federal first responder network will allow funding of the build-out of LTE public safety telecommunications.