Public Safety

The FCC began a series of hearings into the causes of telecommunications failures in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.
The failure of 911 and other communications following the June 2012 derecho storm was due "avoidable planning and system failures," says the FCC.
In light of Superstorm Sandy's destruction, can the federal FirstNet board create the hardened public safety network we need?
An unanimous vote by the FCC will allow up to 6000 low-power radio stations in urban areas where they had been curtailed.
In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the FCC will be holding hearings to investigate the nation's telecommunications deficiencies.
A Verizon survey says the Internet is our most valued utility; another survey says families can save $7200 a year by using the internet.
The president announced a broadband construction program, and US Ignite, a project to develop new applications for industry and government.
A study on cyberbullying found that most children have Internet-enabled cellphones by time they're in middle school.
Hazardous conditions in Apple's Chinese plants may be impossible to fix, so why not bring those jobs back home?
Information on Apple's supply chain abuses comes from a determined band of Hong Kong labor activists.