Stephen Colbert offers his hilarious take on a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling.

T-Mobile's at it again. Workers have been trying for years to organize a their own union, but T-Mobile has blocked their efforts repeatedly by breaking labor laws. Now the company has come up with another illegal strategy.

Pressure is growing on regulators to address T-Mobile?s misleading and fraudulent business practices.
T-Mobile CEO John Legere apologized to the EFF, but the company has yet to recognize EFF?s concerns or implement EFF?s recommendations for the Binge On program.
German lawmakers and company investors are calling on Deutsche Telekom to ensure that T-Mobile respects workers? rights.
Net neutrality advocate Marvin Ammori believes T-Mobile?s Binge On plan reduces the quality of users? service and therefore violates net neutrality.

A coalition of civil rights, consumer, and labor organizations are calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to investigate misleading advertisements and abusive debt collection practices at T-Mobile.

Data from wireless analyst Chetan Sharma shows that the U.S. wireless market is saturated with fully 81 percent of the population using a smartphone, revealing an important trend in the wireless sector: growth for wireless companies is going to come from new services, not from adding new subscribers.
This disruption of the cable bundle is prompting important questions about the future of video services: are these plans precursors of new models for financing network investment and what will it all mean for consumer choice?